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Dr. Sakakura works on a patient.

Dr. Sakakura was originally referred to me by a close friend who said that he was "wuunnderful!." A wonderful dentist?!

I've been his patient for about 2 years. The office works to fit me in when I have time off. Madge schedules me on Fridays "without happy faces." (Happy faces are pay day Fridays for the office). Dr. Sakakura has a calm and soothing manner when he is cleaning my teeth or extracting my wisdom tooth.

I didn't grow up with Mr. Rogers, but I guess Dr. Sakakura could be compared to a Japanese American Mr. Rogers, sans the cardigan. He makes me feel so reassured that I almost say, "hold the novocaine." (But of course I don't because, who's going to get their teeth removed without novocaine)?!

I had to reschedule my extraction THREE times due to travel and work, and not once was I made to feel like a scaredy-cat.

Thao in Los Angeles

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Looking for a dentist? You have to give Dr. Sakakura a try. I was recommended to him by a friend and was glad I went. I've been a client now for 6 years and tell all my friends. The office is conveniently located in Downtown LA and everything inside the dental office is clean as a whistle!! Mrs. T, the receptionist, always has a welcoming smile to greet you and is always soooo nice!! Dr. Sakakura's passion and pride in his work is very evident. What I like most about Dr. Sakakura is the care and time he takes to make sure that I'm comfortable and he never seems to rush things. Plus his prices are extremely reasonable!! I highly recommend Dr. Sakakura for all your dental needs as he offers regular dental work, orthodontics, and cosmetics.

Rindarah in Alhambra, CA


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Dr. Mark Sakakura is a dentist providing dental procedures such as cleanings, dental crowns, teeth whitening, dental implants, and porcelain veneers in Los Angeles.
Dr. Mark Sakakura is licensed as a general dentist in the State of California.